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Upland Primary School

We are a group of like-minded schools working in partnership to harness the richness of our diverse learning communities for the benefit of all pupils.

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The development of Literacy skills is a crucial part of every child’s learning at Upland Primary School. It feeds into many different subjects across the primary curriculum allowing children to showcase what they have learnt.

 We strive to ensure that the children develop the knowledge, understanding and skills which they need now and in the future.


Within our English curriculum, children are immersed in a range of exciting and engaging texts. This allows our children to explore a variety of texts across the year and produce a wide range of writing in different genres. 


Reading is a key tool for life. Teaching children to become excellent readers is a large and exciting part of what we do at Upland. We have lots of opportunities for reading exciting books and materials. We all know that there is nothing better than a great book and nothing worse than a bad one! As teachers of young children it is our job to instill both a love of literature in various forms as well as the skills with which to read.

Therefore, we have created a list of 100 books for each key stage.  The lists are full of great texts: classic novels, books which came out when we were at school and some debuts by brilliant authors currently publishing amazing books for children each year.  Lots of the books are the first in a series so pupils can get hooked on a certain character or setting and read sequel after sequel.  There are a few books which overlap between lists and some non-fiction or poetry books included.

100 books to read in KS1

100 books to read in Year 3 and 4

100 books to read in Year 5 and 6


We follow the document ‘Letters and Sounds’ as well as using other resources  to complement the children’s learning. Phonics is taught daily from Reception to year 2.  In KS2, children continue to learn the spelling rules as part of their home learning and are tested weekly.

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