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Upland Primary School

We are a group of like-minded schools working in partnership to harness the richness of our diverse learning communities for the benefit of all pupils.

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Pupil Roles

Pupil Leadership Team

The Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) have been instrumental in leading initiatives to improve Mental Health and Well-being in school and in the local community this year. In school, they have worked alongside our named Mental Health First Aider to implement Well-being Wednesdays. The team have allocated a safe space within the school for children to visit when they feel necessary. As well as they, they have lead on pupil and staff shout-outs to increase confidence within the school community. For next year, the team will be developing the shout-outs to all our stakeholders.

The PLT have also developed links with the local food bank through The Trussell Trust Bexley Food Bank. As a result, the school building is now a drop off point for donations and are able to distribute food vouchers. The PLT wrote to the local community in March:

Foodbank Letter Pupil Leadership

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In 2018 after accessing training provided by The Diana Award Association, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABA) were recruited across the school. The role of the ABA is as follows:

  • ABA to lead initiatives across the school that promotes positivity and friendship.
  • ABA to lead an assembly every half term.
  •  ABA to meet with the Anti-bullying Leader regularly in order to discuss and raise concerns.
  • ABA to speak to school governors and the UPP to inform them of actions.
  • ABA Lead training across the school to staff, pupils and parents
  • ABA to gather pupil voice

Cyber Bullying – A PowerPoint presentation

The following documents have written in collaboration with the ABA

Play Leaders

In Autumn utilising the Sports Premium Funding through Change4Life, children across Years 5 and 6 were trained as Play Leaders. Their role is to lead and teach children in KS1 and Lower KS2 playground games. This was led by our Head Midday Meal Supervisor to encourage more active lunchtimes.

Pupil voice

View our latest pupil voice survey: