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Upland Primary School

We are a group of like-minded schools working in partnership to harness the richness of our diverse learning communities for the benefit of all pupils.

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Information for prospective parents:

Full details for prospective parents can be found under the 'Home' tab.

Thank you for considering Upland Primary School as a school for your child starting in September 2022.

Starting school is an exciting time for children and new prospective parents and here at Upland we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Upland Primary School is an inclusive two form entry Primary School located in Church Road in Bexleyheath with the capacity to welcome 60 children divided into two reception classes of 30 pupils.

Our school intent and personal attributes underpin all that we do and we ensure that, through our provision, every child is given the best possible beginning to their education in order to foster a love for learning and make great strides in their achievements. Partnerships with parents are crucial to us in supporting pupils' learning, progress and happiness. In addition, we work closely with outside agencies to meet any additional needs of our pupils.  

As a school, we strongly believe that all children have the potential to achieve well when provided with rich and immersive learning opportunities, experiences, care and guidance. Our children are enthusiastic, motivated, independent learners and they are well-rounded and happy. We challenge our children and ourselves to be the best we can be in a safe, creative, rich and purposeful environment.

We consider every member of our school community to be a life-long learner and value all contributions to the continued improvements to our school.





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