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Outdoor Week

From Monday 28th June - Friday 2nd July

Year 6 Danson Water Sports activities - From Monday 28th - Wednesday 30th June

Outdoor week is an important part of our curriculum that builds from the outdoor learning area and Forest School of Nursery and Reception and ends in our Outward Bound trips in years 5 and 6.

A range of activities have been organised for each year group which are aimed at allowing children to see their classroom learning in context and challenging them physically and socially in order that they improve their determination, resilience, team working and problem solving skills.

Overleaf is a summary of some of the activities that have been organised for each year group.

Children in Years 4 and 5 are participating in a Climbing Wall activity and consent for your child to take part in this activity MUST be given separately via SIMSPay.

PLEASE NOTE: Consent for the Climbing Wall must be given in advance. The Climbing Wall schedule will be strictly adhered to on the day so we are unable to accept consent at late notice.

The cost of Outdoor Week is £5 per child which is payable on SIMS Pay and no further money will be requested for any activity.

As always, if we do not receive enough money we may have to cancel or reduce the planned activities. I hope that you will join us in encouraging your child to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

We will be continuing to work with Ben Bullen Adventures this year. Ben is based in Sidcup and his company provide high quality outdoor learning experiences for schools and youth groups right across South London. His highly trained team will be delivering a range of experiences in the outside environment.

In the spirit of outdoor learning the planned activities will go ahead in all but the very worst weather. To that end children should ensure that they are dressed appropriately for the forecast. Waterproof jackets and sensible robust shoes are a must. The children are likely to get a little dirty too so the school uniform rules will be relaxed through the week. Children can wear older clothes, trainers, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, and jumpers as appropriate to the forecast.

Please see links below to all the letters relating to Outdoor Week. An Frequently Asked Questions section is below the links.

Outdoor Week letter

Climbing Wall activity letter for Years 4 & 5 only

Year 6 Danson Water Sports letter

What days are Year 6 children visiting Danson Park for their Water Sports activities?

Year 6 classes will be visiting Danson on different days. Chamberlain Class on Monday 28th June, Turing Class on Tuesday 29th June and Churchill Class on Wednesday 30th June.

What if my child has a secondary school induction day on the day they are due to visit Danson?

Please email the school admin address confirming your child's name, class and which school they will be visiting and on which day. We will then arrange for your child to take part in the Danson Water Sports activities on a different day with one of the other year 6 Classes.

Do I need to give permission for my child to take part in Outdoor Week, Danson Park and the Climbing Wall?

Yes you do! The permissions tick box is one SIMSPay for each of these activities. If you cannot access SIMSPay and you have paid by cash then please give your consent in writing with via Email or handed into the office.

Are any other year groups, besides Years 4 & 5 taking part in the Climbing Wall activity?

Unfortunately not. This is due to time restraints.

If I have not given my child consent in advance, will be able to take part in The Climbing Wall activity?

No they will not. Please make sure you have given consent via SIMSPay or via email to ensure  your child takes part in the Climbing Wall activity. We need to timetable this activity in advance and cannot make late allowances.